1. 7 Cheeses You Need to Try on Your Pizza

    You can’t have pizza without cheese, right? Well, this isn’t completely true, but cheese is definitely a must-have for a majority of pizza eaters. While mozzarella is an easy favorite, there are hundreds of cheeses that enhance and balance flavors of several other toppings, from pepperoni to pineapple. At our pizza restaurant in Santa Fe, you can find the classic mozzarella, provolone, swiss, …Read More

  2. Best Veggie Pizza Topping Combinations

    When a pizza is often piled high with meats, it can be challenging to find delicious flavor combinations that will satisfy a vegetarian. However, pepperoni, beef, sausage, ham, bacon can all be switched out with zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, olives, and even potatoes and squash! A vegetarian pizza doesn’t have the be the same old same old, mix it up with amazing flavor combinations that even me…Read More

  3. Topping Feature: Olives

    If you love a salty pizza, you need plenty of olives. Whether you love black or green, the fruit gives your favorite pies a distinct taste that balances the acidic flavors of the sauce, the spiciness of the sausage and pepperoni, and the sweetness of peppers. The olive has a deep history and the long process of making the olive edible as well as turning it into oil, making this topping a favorite …Read More

  4. Pizza Styles Around the Globe

    We all know or have tasted New York-style pizza or Chicago’s deep dish, and we may know that other cities claim their own style, but do you know what they are? Do you know other styles of pizza from around the world? From New York to Spain to Japan to California, there are some wild and flavorful varieties out there, making up an entire pizza culture. In honor of October’s National Pizza Month…Read More

  5. Celebrate National Pizza Month With Upper Crust

      Not that anyone needs another reason to eat pizza besides that it’s delicious and soothes our souls, but we’ll give you another one just because: October is national pizza month in the U.S. So if you haven’t decided on what to eat for lunch or dinner today, you now have your answer. If you brought your lunch to work, or have leftovers for dinner, they can wait. Pizza is on the menu this m…Read More

  6. All You Need to Know About Pizza Sausage

    It’s almost a battle of the pizza toppings for lovers of this circular meal: pepperoni or sausage? Well, for this blog post, we’ll be covering all you need to know about sausage; the meaty, seasoned, salty, juicy topping. So without further ado, let’s dive in and soon enough your mouth will be watering and your car will almost be driving itself to Upper Crust Pizza. What Kind of Meat? Sausag…Read More

  7. Why Every College Student Should Have Pizza on the Weekly Menu

    For many college students, the experience is about writing papers, late night cramming sessions, getting up at 7:50 AM for 8:00 AM classes, dozing through boring lectures, weekend parties, and eating a lot of pizza. A college staple, students will order this simple, inexpensive, and delicious meal weekly. If you’re attending Santa Fe Community College, St. John’s College, or any other school i…Read More

  8. What’s In The Sauce?

    All of this talk about pizza toppings and what to drink with the pie, but what is the one ingredient that makes pizza, pizza? The sauce! Each craft pizza restaurant has their own unique style, flavors, and ingredients, but overall, there are a few things that a good sauce must have. If you haven’t yet experienced the pizza sauce at Upper Crust Pizza, head over today to check out our lunch specia…Read More

  9. Your Favorite Vegetarian Topping: Mushrooms

    The options for pizza toppings have a range like types of cereal in the breakfast aisle. Whatever your curious mind can come up with can be put on a pizza. From sweet toppings like pineapple and bell peppers, salty toppings like canadian bacon and olives, to savory toppings like mushrooms and pepperoni, and even more unique toppings like broccoli and artichokes can be a favorite for some. A must-h…Read More

  10. Need Help With Choosing a Wine For Pizza Night?

    There are two varieties of people in this world: those who drink beer with pizza, and those who drink wine with pizza. There are also people who don’t eat pizza, but not many. In a previous post, we discussed the range of beers that taste great with our pizzas, like an American Pale Ale with a Margherita or Belgian beer with sausage and mushroom. Now we will cater to wine connoisseurs and lovers…Read More