1. All You Need to Know About Yeast in Pizza

    When you’re chowing down on a delicious pizza pie, you’re not necessarily thinking about how it’s made, especially something as specific as the yeast in the dough. But without this simple, yet complex ingredient, pizza wouldn’t be pizza but some strange soup, and who wants that? The crust of your pizza starts with yeast, a microscopic fungus. Starting with that to the cheesy goodness on y…Read More

  2. Welcome to Our Pizza Restaurant Blog!

    Pizza has become a way of life. From New York to Chicago to California, different pizza styles have emerged that are sweet, spicy, cheesy, deep, thin, vegetarian, anything but vegetarian, gluten-free, and pizza that has almost unbelievable topping combinations. When American’s crave pizza, there’s no shortage of options, even in Santa Fe. So what makes Upper Crust Pizza stand apart from the c…Read More