Private Chefs vs. Our Catering Options

When it comes to university dining, two of the main options are hiring a private chef or working with a catering service such as Upper Crust Food Service. Both have their own benefits, and our team will unpack them in this blog. Learn more about which option would best suit your needs and reach out to Upper Crust Food Service for assistance or to create your meal plan today!


What Is a Private Chef?

A private chef is, as the name suggests, a chef who works privately for an individual or family. In most cases, they are hired to cook meals on a regular basis in the client’s home kitchen. They may also be hired for special occasions such as dinner parties or other events.


Pros and Cons of a Private Chef

There are some definite advantages to hiring a private chef. For one, you’ll have access to fresh, made-to-order meals that are tailored to your specific taste. You can also work with the chef to develop menu items that fit into your dietary restrictions or preferences.

On the downside, however, private chefs can be quite expensive. In addition to their hourly rate, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of groceries. And, when you're paying for food for an entire chapter, the cost can quickly add up.


What Is a Catering Service?

A catering service, such as Upper Crust Food Service, is a company that provides food and beverage service for events. This can include everything from weddings and corporate functions to university dining halls and Greek life chapters.


Pros and Cons of Catering Services

Catering services offer a few key benefits over private chefs. For one, they’re often more affordable, especially when you're feeding a large group of people. Catering companies also have the benefit of economies of scale, which means they can often get discounts on food and supplies that you wouldn’t be able to get as an individual.

The downside to catering services is that you generally have less control over the menu. While most catering companies are happy to accommodate special requests, you may not be able to get exactly what you want. However, when you choose to work with Upper Crust Food Service, you can create completely customizable meal plans based on dietary restrictions and preferences!

If you’re interested in working with Upper Crust Food Service, we’d be happy to help you create a meal plan that fits your needs. Reach out to our team today to get started!